Camping regulations


  1. All Guests resided at the Camping Bursztynek are subject to these Regulations.
  2. Only persons registered at the Camping Reception Desk on the basis of an identity card, a school card, a camping card or a passport after paying the fee for a period of residence may reside at the Campsite.
  3. All payment must be paid in advance according to the pricelist. If you paid it means that you accepted the applicable Regulations.
  4. Our camping accepts applicable discount cards.
  5. A receipt or an invoice issued are a proof of paying for your order, keep it in safe place until the end of your reservation.
  6. In case of shortening your stay, we are not obliged to refund you a fee for unused days at our campsite.
  7. A hotel day lasts until 12:00 of a next day.
  8. Remember to pitch a tent, park a car or park your caravan or camper in places indicated by the manager of the Comping.
  9. Persons visiting Guests of the Camping are obliged to pay the DAILY FEE at the reception desk and leave the area of the Camping until 21:00.
  10. The campsite is the place to rest. Remember to respect other peoples’ calm and peace. The main gate is closed from 22:00 to 7:00 – the night hours.
  11. In case of a gross misconduct and behaviour breaching provisions of the regulations, especially situations caused by people being under the influence of an alcohol, such a guest may be excluded from the camping without any refund.
  12. Wastes disposal is allowed only in places specially designed.
  13. Remember to sort rubbish according to the guidelines.
  14. It is not allowed to wash your car, bike or other things on the site.
  15. It is strictly forbidden to make fires and destroy infrastructure and green areas on the site.
  16. Firing up barbecues only places specially designed and before earlier noticing the manager.
  17. It is not allowed to use electric ovens in tents and nearby (the oven is in the kitchen on the site).
  18. Each guest of the Camping is responsible for damages occurred by his/her own fault.
  19. The owner does not bear the responsibility for valuable things left on the site, in tents, vehicles, campers and caravans which were not left in the deposit box or their possible damage, destroy or a theft.
  20. Tourists having own bicycles, motorbikes are obliged to secure them on their own, the Camping does not bear the responsibility for their lost or damage.
  21. All guests and visitors are obliged to observe health and safety as well as fire regulations.
  22. In case of a fire threat or any danger you have to immediately inform the owner of the site, the reception desk and call 112.
  23. You are allowed to keep pets here, but the owner should have a vaccination certificate of his animal. Dogs must be kept only on a leash and have a muzzle while being on the site.
  24. Owner of a pet is strictly responsible for his pet while being on the site.
  25. Dogs cannot be left without care of their owners and run around the Camping without the owner. The owner is obliged to remove the dog’s droppings.
  26. It is strictly forbidden to smoke beyond the area of your camping place.
  27. Kids should use the playground according to the Playground Regulations and only under care of adults.
  28. Information on personal data protection and its professing can be found at the Recepetion Dedks of the Camping and each guest is obliged to read the regulations. In case of failure to agree to process your personal data it is not possible to host a guest on the site.

We wish you a wonderful time here