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The regulations of the Campsite is important (learn more about the Regulations here! – the Regulation, secondly there are also important unwritten rules to be observed.

  1. Do not park your car in front of someone’s tent and keep a distance from your neighbours when you pitch your tent (luckily it is not difficult here, our campsite Bursztynek is the biggest campsite in Grzybowo)
  2. Bearing in mind safety – especially children’s safety – observe all traffic regulations within the area of our camp.
  3. Respect your “neighbours’ area” and do not short your distance walking through their “ground”.
  4. Fire up your barbecue as not to let smoke go towards your neighbours.
  5. Clean up after yourself wherever you are, i.e. the kitchen and the table after eating and dispose dirty water after washing the dishes into the drainage basin.
  6. Before you leave the campsite remember to remove all lines connecting your tent or camper.

The last but not least: leave the campsite within indicated time, because other holidaymakers could wait for this place!

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